The Waltz by David Poore

NOTE: This piece was inspired by Edgar Alan Poe's "The Bells" and is a tribute his work.

Plink, plink, plink
As the keys begin to clink
With a clanking and a clunking
And a planking and a plunking
As it rises and it sinks
And it grows and then it shrinks
Moving always with a fury
Urging, "hurry, hurry, hurry!"
As the notes fly in a flurry
The tune becoming blurry
Losing all its rhyme
Out of thought and out of time
Ever pounding, pounding, pounding
With the notes ever resounding
Flying faster, faster, faster
All inviting a disaster
For both instrument and master
Ever plinking, plinking, plinking
As the keys are ever clinking
Through the rising and the sinking
Through the growing and the shrinking
As the waltz continues playing
With its madness never staying
'Till the sanity is fraying
And the sounds are finally ended
In the themes final re-saying
Leaving now only the shrinking
Of the soft and softer plinking
As the final note is clinking
And the soul is slowly sinking
Down into a total nothingness
Where demons now are drinking
To the glory of the waltz, to the power of the waltz
To the glory and the power of the waltz

David Poore is currently a student working toward a degree in Creative Writing. He has previously published his poetry on a number of websites.